Additional Mitigation Techniques

Customized Post-Filtering for Special Requirements

For clients with specific requirements or those who are under complex attacks, we offer customizations to our post-filtering process. These include, but are not limited to:

Custom Post-Filtering Options Explained

  • Geo Rate-limits or Blocks: These settings restrict or block all incoming traffic from specific geographic locations. Useful for mitigating attacks that originate from particular regions.

  • ASN Rate-limit or Blocking: This feature limits or blocks traffic from specific Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs). It's particularly effective in countering large-scale attacks originating from a single network operator.

  • IP Blacklists: A list of IP addresses that are denied access to the network. This is effective in blocking known malicious actors.

  • Packet Length Filters: These filters scrutinize the size of each data packet and block those that are suspiciously large or small, effectively mitigating attacks that exploit packet size.

  • And many more...

We encourage clients to reach out to us to discuss these requirements. We will work closely with you to tailor the most effective solution for your individual needs.

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