Known technical impact

The following traffic types can be rate limited:

  • TCP traffic(Applies only if there is a TCP attack ongoing)

  • UDP traffic(Applies only if there is an UDP attack ongoing)

  • DNS Traffic(DNS is limited to the common resolvers:,,,,

  • TCP traffic forces an authentication, which leads to the first connection being reset.

Permanent protection can lead to the first connection attempt being reset. This usually results in the client retrying the connection, after which the TCP handshake is completed. Note: Cloudflare or other CDNs may not work due to the TCP reset once mitigation is active. Do not open any tickets about issues with Cloudflare or other CDN services.

If you encounter any other impact, please contact our customer support. Due to extensive logging and flow collection, we are mostly able to track down any reported anomaly. Other Protocols then TCP / UDP and ICMP can be ratelimited or blocked.

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